Almost 70 years ago my grandfather bought a small farm in Brookfield, Wisconsin where he and his family spent the summer months and he raised horses. He loved the land and made it a show place by surrounding his newly built house and barns with shiny white board fences. He took great pride in his animals and loved to share them with his friends who frequently visited on weekends.

A year or so later a farmer across the street decided to subdivide his land into lots. My grandfather watched with great interest as the neighbor quickly sold his one acre properties for as much as $400.00 each. Grandpa then decided to try creating a subdivision himself and purchased 80 acres about a mile away. Farms in Brookfield were very reasonable at that time selling for about $200.00 per acre. So Paul Siepmann’s first subdivision became a reality. He sold lots mostly to World War II veterans who sometimes built basements which they could live in until they were financially able to finish the structure and live above ground. The success of the first development encouraged Paul to find and develop more farms in the Brookfield area which he did mostly as a hobby for a period of years. By then lot prices had escalated to over $1000.00 each and raw land was selling for as much as $300.00 per acre. Subdivision design standards were crude and most new development had straight streets and a very rectangular layout.

My father grew up in an atmosphere of real estate development often helping my grandfather with work in the field like driving some of the first earth moving equipment, sometimes typing real estate sales contracts, and eventually working as a salesperson. After finishing college in the mid 1950’s he formalized our company by officially creating what is now known as Siepmann Realty Corporation. Subdivision design by then had become somewhat more sophisticated. Streets were built in a curvilinear fashion which was more attractive and better able to handle storm water drainage in a more natural manner. In 1966 my dad built a new subdivision in Brookfield using a new cluster technique which provided for common open space to be shared by all the owners. It was called Willaura. Its’ success encouraged my dad to develop more of these communities which were then called PUDS, and later called cluster developments, and now referred to as Conservation subdivisions. Our company under my father’s leadership became nationally known for this creative style of development.

When I finished college in 1981 I joined my dad in the business which I now own with my sister and brother. My start was much like my dad’s relationship with his father. I truly learned the business from the ground up learning each facet a step at a time. Our company has prospered over the years by continuing to be on the cutting edge of new development concepts with quality being paramount and attention to detail our standard. We at Siepmann Realty Corporation are very proud of our accomplishments over the years. Thousands of customers have had the opportunity to live in extraordinary communities because of the passion we have to create a better product. We hope you will be able to join this group of happy clients as well.

We welcome your interest in our history and our work. Please let us help you with your search for a better way of life.

Jim Siepmann